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  • Akshi Chadha

Diaspora Diorama

By Akshi Chadha

sockless feet push into white Nike trainers

you got from eBay

with traces of a catalytic ocean every step

an awaking squeeze

of washcloths your mother made

tearing old cotton shirts

and put in your backpack when you

weren’t looking at the silver shadow

of your father’s face

before you disappeared onto the deck

the moon in full swells the tide

to touch a hollow sky

susurration alive in your ears like a seashell

wading through cliffed nations

to this entryway deep as a knee gash

a marshland that swallows each sole

here someone you know might have sat

cross-legged in a blast zone

you pat yourself to check for the conditional memo

half-wilted in the back pocket of your jeans

liquescent arms await rites of initiation

cold fingers twitch for someone to say


a herd walks through you

the trained eye scans for kindred

in alien crowds and averts

before it can glimpse half a smile

before you slip into the cut.

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