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  • N. Gitanjali Lena

Queer Breakup Gospel (Go Home Homo)

By N. Gitanjali Lena

Guess I’m finally ready to give up the:

easy pass thru customs

psychic violence

buffer in small white towns

complimentary Italian gauze

flying under security guard radar

benefit of the doubt

stealing me shit at self-checkouts

your family’s Netflix account

public safety


greedy white queers

code switching

oxblood leather collar

Dean Spade’s Mutual Aid

access to swift housing for my bipoc friends

promises shower of pineapple hummingbird gifts u can’t give yourself collective (dis)ease

tiny timid nuclear families


decolonial kink in theory

shelves of bipoc poetry

gf sweets languishing in my fridge

abolitionist aesthetics



easy tears

giggles & feverish smoking

born in kkkanada lineages

therapy language

Ryan’s Hawaii

sous chef onions

fear of strangers


10 of Swords


depoliticized poly guides

losing strategies


ride or die loyalty

huge extended blended queer chosen families

internalized racism


screaming ancestors


courage in uncertainty

unrelenting immigrant standards

blood that knows no boundaries

bipoc tantric fetish nights

sick dance routines

Haiti 1804

toe sucking - skin licking

scented curly hair products

gold leather harness


the Hawaiians who killed Cook

smooth dark asses

firm boundaried bottoming


Sheku Kanneh-Mason in my earbuds

nosy communities

dry crying crying with onions crying in the shower

saltwater tropics

blonde hair black roots

minimal free time

collective material struggle

learning my own languages (again)

faith & spiritual traditions

non-veg anti-caste actions

rampant chronic pain

showing up for your friends

diy teas, balms & oils

neighbourhood safety networks

witchcraft & curses

queer friends journeying to our homelands

black & brown western confused sangha

intentional break ups

sweating & crying together in the streets and sheets for our liberation

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